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Everyone deserves high quality service, maintenance and support, especially families that have enough to worry about these days. We can help get your home digitally organized, centralize your photos, sync up your schedules and educate you about how to protect your family online. 

Technology has the power to enhance when utilized in a mindful and purposeful way. Through a combination of regular on-site visits, remote meetings, and in-person classes our method help clients navigate the distracting world of technology. 

Our approach utilizes regular scheduled visits for clients to learn and be curious with one of our super awesome friendly techs to guide you. They will work through your questions and provide feedback on opportunities for optimization, efficiency and automation that compliments how you use your tech. We believe regular exposure through curiosity, play and wonder will empower people to live better lives through technology. 

Home Technology Support Package

Our technicians monitor your computers vital statistics 24/7 and are alerted to issues before they become a problem. This site explains the information we monitor.

We provide a monthly Technology Health Report, detailing your home technologies vital statistics and updating you on progress of ongoing projects and installations.

Together we will devise a Home Technology Roadmap to guide your technology adoption in ways that align with your values.

When you get new tech we will set it up and show you how to use it.

If your tech breaks we get it fixed.

If you have questions we answer them with a smile, in-person, on the phone or remotely.

You have never seen tech support like this, 

this is ByteCycle.

Scheduled on-site visits

Unlimited Remote Support


Apple Computer Support and Repair

4 Hour response time to issues

24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance

Technology Health Report 

Home Technology Roadmap

Network Optimization and Monitoring

AntiVirus and Cybersecurity Support


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We offer one service for our residential clients. No matter the size of the home we will take care of your family. Some will pucker at the cost but that pales in comparison to losing your digital memories, identity theft or time and money lost dealing with broken tech. 

All of your home technology support needs at one price

Includes unlimited remote support and scheduled on-site visits. We want your questions big or small. 


6 Months



1 Year


10% Discount 

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Our on-site repair service is a great way to get your devices fixed quickly. Our technicians come to your location, evaluate the problem and fix it on-site or take it and repair it at our shop. Once it's fixed we deliver it to your location when it is convenient for you. Getting your device fixed has never been this easy.

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