Stop getting distracted by technical issues and get back to building your empire

We know running a small business is hard work. You shouldn't also have to be company tech support. Let us relieve a bit of pressure and friction from your business by outsourcing your IT.

We believe everyone deserves high quality service, maintenance and support, especially the smaller businesses that have enough to worry about. We offer regular on-site visits, guidance and remote support to customers navigating the world of technology.

Small Business Technology Support Package

Our technicians monitor your sites vital statistics 24/7 and are alerted to issues before they become a problem. This site explains the information we monitor.

We provide a monthly Technology Health Report, detailing your sites vital statistics and updating you on progress of ongoing projects, installations and expirations.

Together we devise a Strategic Technology Roadmap to guide your technology adoption in ways that align with your company values.

When you get new tech we will set it up and show you how to use it.

If your tech breaks we fix it.

If you have questions we answer them.

You have never seen tech support like this, 

this is ByteCycle.

Scheduled on-site visits and unlimited remote support

Apple Computer Support and Repair

24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance

Technology Health Report 

Strategic Technology Roadmap

Discount on Hardware Repairs

Network Optimization and Monitoring

AntiVirus and Cybersecurity Support

and more!


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The big question...

What's the cost?
The REAL costs...
Gartner Research suggests IT downtime costs businesses on average upwards of $5000 per minute, after accounting for lost revenue, lost productivity, recovery and intangible costs. Those are costs most businesses cannot afford. 
Verizon reports in 2019 that, "43% of breach victims were small businesses." 

Depending on the size of your business we have an affordable package that can match your needs. Once enrolled you can rest assured that downtime and IT issues will become a thing of the past. 


1-2 People

$600/ 6 mo

$1140/ 1 yr

5% Discount

3-5 People

$900/ 6 mo

$1710/ 1 yr

5% Discount 


Get Started

6-10 People

$1200/ 6 mo

$2280/ 1 yr

5% Discount